Serikon is the Greek word for silk and represents the pure, white silken thread that can be dyed in different colours and used to create new, complexly patterned weavings. The name is a metaphor for the pure and simple melody that is “coloured” and used to weave complex music. It also raises associations about how music has spread across the world, how a simple melody can be traced from land to land. Serikon was founded 2009 by trombonist Daniel Stighäll and the ensembles aim is to be able to affect and influence its audience to feel that they can help to improve the world, by using some of the best music that was ever written, some that cannot be notated and some that hasn't been composed yet.

”From the ensemble Serikon, meaning silk, weaving together cloth arriving in Venice from the silk road and the complex colours of the city’s cloth dyes and painters. And a new thread in Serikon’s fabric: a newly commissioned copy of the Venetian tenor trombone. You’ll taste its flavour in the new music commissioned by Alexander Campkin and Jan Sandstrom to sit alongside some of the splendours of Venice’s musical past.”

BBC CD review